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RadSuite: smart Tele-radiology

The Radsuite includes a light and cloud-based PACS and Web Viewer, which enables radiologist and other specialists to assess the growing number of medical records more quickly and effectively.

Diagnostic workstations receive current image studies immediately after the examination. This ensures that all images can be appraised without waiting for them to be retrieved. Storing the large number of medical images generated every day locally or in the cloud can be very expensive. That is why RadSuite enables clinicians to select and archive images of all common modalities, imaging systems and post-processing workstations which are required for later assessments or need to be included in patients’ health records. We ensure rapid and smooth integrability with various examination devices or image access to workstations and archives of third-party manufacturers at your clinic.

RadSuite for other medical disciplines

RadSuite is designed to be used by clinics and private practices without a radiology department and PACS system as well. As a physician who simply wants to store, view, analyze and asset your patients’ medical images all-in-one place, RadSuite is the right option. With our cloud-based solution that is integrated into your clinical patient management system, you always have access to your patient’s medical images and every toolset you need with only one click.


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